Sports Authority of India issues SOP for phased resumption of training

The Sports Authority of India has worked out a Standard Operating Procedure for the return of training of the athletes. SAI is looking to start training at dedicated centres and other facilities and they have now listed out the SOPs for the safety of the athletes. The onus of implementing the precautionary measure listed in the brochure has been put on the National Sports Federations of India.

There are specific guidelines listed by SAIs for training areas, gymnasiums, medical centres, and residential facilities.

The SOP says that the training of the athletes will resume training in a phased manner. All athletes, coaches, and athletes will have to mandatorily use the Aarogya Setu app. The Sports Authority has also made a division of sports into four categories, which will have a different set of precautions for each category.

The categories are – non-contact, medium contact, full contact, and water sports.

A Covid Task Force will also be assigned at every SAI venue and they will be in charge of monitoring and guiding all trainees and staff at the centres. The chief coaching staff from each National Sports Federation (NSF) will be a member of the task force.

The ex-officio Chairman of the Task Force will the Centre-in-charge and that person will be responsible for the implementation of protocols outlined in the SOP.

It has also been said that sparring during training in contact sports like boxing and wrestling will still not included in the SAI SOP.

SAI has also said that resumption of sports training will depend on local administration’s approval.

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