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Japanese tech giant Sony is betting big on its upcoming PlayStation 5 console and though it has not fared that well of late with its smartphones, it does seem to bring innovation with its new Xperia smartphone, which may boast a pop-down speaker, as per a report by LetsGoDigital. According to the report, a Sony patent for a device with a pop-up camera and a pop-down speaker was recently approved and published in the World Intellectual Property Office database.

The smartphone as described in the patent will have a borderless screen with super-narrow frame edges. The pop-up camera, as in some of the smartphone models by other companies, does not sit in the centre of the edge but instead will cover the entire edge when it pops up. Also, the same design goes for the bottom edge also, which carries a speaker that can slide down from the lower edge. Thus, we have a smartphone with an extendable speaker set. Both the top and bottom extendable parts are independent of each other. Moreover, since there is some space on the top to include a speaker unit, the device may have dual speakers for a louder sound output.

If you wish to take a selfie, only the pop-up camera module will be activated. In case you want to watch a video or a film or make a call, the camera module and the bottom speaker can slide out and thus you will have dual speakers.

Also, the patent describes that the sliding extension will vary in length depending on the movement of the sound source. For example, if the sound source (like a talking person) moves towards the right of the screen, the extension on the right will grow in length. How Sony plans to implement this part would be tricky, considering too large a part jutting out can cause discomfort to the user while holding the phone.

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