Carona hit us very badly but do not give up, let us take it and walk, black night will come sometime, morning will come, do not ask for intention and move forward, defeat is light with shadow, defeat day after night It is hot, the necklace is full moon after the moon, the necklace comes out after the fall, it is the fall, then it comes spring, the summer gets cold, the thorns get rose, the walking people get the floor, every storm Cool after cool Hall comes
                       Wanted to roam in Karona to the people, the Delhi Police gave them a wonderful education by taking a dummy Carona corpse, do not go around in such a way, do not go out of the house, will live in the house, stay in the house in Carona, will let others do it themselves, others Carona will spread, said to take the dummy dead body to the crematorium Not gone yet, stay in the house will have to fight Carona, put on a mask, stay in the house, stay two yards away, Carona will stop like this, everyone is immersed in sadness and despair in karona, bring courage from this song, do not lose, you Will lose the courage to do it, it is very important to go out of the house, if you stay outside the house, you do not spread your money, stop doing it is more than staying at home,
  Professor Dr. Ram is a very well-known doctor and professor in India. He studies MBBS and MD MS students in medical colleges and writes on a lot of blogs and journals. You will tell about diseases and the poison that Karona has spread now has made all people worry about worrying and death, the whole world can be heard in the house The fourth phase of the look of the fourth phase in India is going to start tomorrow, one thing is most true that it has been almost 40 days for so many days, all kinds of commercial economic activities are closed and no matter how much we are down If we cannot completely eliminate Karona, its cases will come out
              That is, we have to learn how to live with Carona. Our Prime Minister said earlier that we have to accept ourselves that we have to keep our faces covered with pots or Marx for a couple of years. We have to control ourselves. Have to keep 2 yards away from each other, if we go out anywhere, clean our hands again and again even if we stay at home and in this way we will conquer Carona. Our school mall bus rail air travel should be started or any other kind of relaxation is given to us, we have to follow all these things or else we will not leave it, whether we get any good medicine to cure it or any of it. There can be no other alternative to caution as vaccines are manufactured.
      What is the relationship between karona and sex, whether or not to have sex in karona, what karona is more spread than sex? Sex mandia or red light area should be opened in karona or not, what will sex workers eat, whether or not sex workers get a taste, open daru in Carona, what to open sex, what karona are not having sex by staying together at home , Abortion increased more in Carona at the time of carona, because people have sex in their homes, open the sex market, do you mind, sex in the bar, message center and beauty Dealer, are hotels, motels, clubs, parks everywhere we fear the Corona will stop them all /
               We should reduce the intake of liquor at this time, eat good food, do nityam pranayama, only then we can keep this virus away from ourselves by consuming less cigarette beedi tobacco without any medicine and making our immunity good. And this virus will not work in other people, yet we have to fight for many days, till we will not be disciplined ourselves, we will not behave in the flesh 2 yards If we do not clean the hands and do not clean the hands again and again, then this virus can infect us, no matter what the public may be, but we will have to take such disciplined measures that we should take plenty of alcohol at this time. Reduce eating good food, do Nityam Pranayam, only then we consume cigarette beedi tobacco while consuming it without any medicine, while making our immunity good Number virus will keep away from you and the virus will not appear in other people /

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