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media_playGraduate Creates Miniature Law School Commencement Ceremony in Her Backyard

Graduate Creates Miniature Law School Commencement Ceremony in Her Backyard

A new graduate of Brooklyn Law School has honored her class by creating a miniature commencement ceremony, complete with each student’s photo and pasted-on caps. Alexandra Lenczewski, one of over 300 graduating students of Brooklyn Law School, printed, cut, and arranged individual photos in alphabetical order in a miniature replica of the graduation that should have been. On May 15, when the students expected to toss their caps in celebration, Lenczewski brought the pomp and circumstance to her yard in Connecticut, determined to celebrate the class’s great achievements in some way. “Despite the dark times we are going through as a nation, my goal was to remind us not to turn a blind eye to the light in our own backyards,” Lenczewski told Storyful. “I wanted to do whatever I personally could do to ensure that each and every graduating student felt acknowledged for the years of time, tireless effort and tremendous amount of dedication that they all put into earning their law degrees.” Credit: Alexandra Lenczewski via Storyful

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