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                          In this video, a very good and beautiful song has been composed about our famous Prime Minister Shri Narendra ji Modi ji, it shows how far-sighted he is, how poignant he is, not even in the face of a terrible epidemic like the poor. Not forgotten, middle or upper class traders or industry husbands have forgotten and that’s why they have made a very good and useful 20 lakh crore Brought that package so that we can make independent our country having won the epidemic and can brighten your country again in the world you go to listen and cheers to this video and please welcome our Prime Minister on their behalf
Professor Dr. Ram is a very well-known doctor and professor in India. He studies MBBS and MD MS students in medical colleges and writes on a lot of blogs and journals. You will tell about diseases and the poison that Karona has spread now has made all people worry, worry and death, the whole world can be heard in the house It has become a pleasure, on this channel they will discuss Karona and other diseases, Karona virus has caused havoc in the whole world by moving from China to n city in 19, 22 countries have been infected by it all over the world, so far 4.5 million people have been affected by this and about 325,000 have died, the highest number of deaths in the US is up to 92000, while 1.5 million people have been affected, similarly in Italy, Spain, Britain, France, Germany lakh People infected and thousands died
, States in India have also been infected by this, 92000 people have been affected here 3000 died. The entire lock down is from 23 March, schools, colleges, markets, rail, air travel, buses, tempo cars are all closed, all the people are at home. It is closed, every person except the doctors, nurses, health workers, cleaning workers, police and vegetable food is going every time, when the person dies, because there is no medicine, it does not even stand, so every man It looks like a risk, stays at a distance of two yards, repeatedly washing hands with sanitizer or soap, to avoid this, this is a very dangerous disease, no one knows what, but we do not have the courage to die because death in only 6% is Even in old and sick person, if we stay at home and take care, then it will slowly end, what will happen in the third lock down time of Karona, Karona is finished or more or as it goes on Will,
Karona has to be bitten with karona, what will karona kill us, we have to die karona, what is afraid of karona, be cautious with care, and do not disappear, no one goes to the one who dies by doing They think that in this dead, they will have to do it, they will start doing it, people in Italy do not go to see the patient after death or before, in the United States, they will leave the patient like this, in India, do it with the patient The fear of being done is wrong, the Karona body is washed with phenol, bleaching powder, Karona is put in the sun, Karona dies from that body, the body is buried, the burn is not spread, we Don’t do this with a dead body,
      If a Karona patient dies then should be cremated, more than 10-12 should not go with the Karona body, the mask will be saved from Karona, not going to be Karona, Karona will avoid the mask from third lock down or as much as Karola, Karona I will have to live well, Karona’s enemy Daru Beer, Karona in the Green Zone, the liquor store opened, Karona is very crowded at the shop, the poor from Karona do not earn in lock down, Karona is in the wine लगाई Put in, crowds will spread in the crowd, the government will open a liquor shop for tax, more people will be infected with karona, karona will kill more with alcohol, how is karona virus, how does a man kill karona, karona diseases not admitted to the hospital , Karona is not treating the patient properly, Karona is not seeing the other patient even without the doctor and the hospital, Karona is making excuses from the doctor, Karona is telling the bed full, Karona is afraid of , Working in karona without n95 masks and PPE,
 Lack of physical n95 masks and PPE kits in Karona, paying attention to the government in Karona, do not cure patients or do without karona. Simple ways to avoid sin, such as applying a mask, do me with equal hands, feet wash, do me We will keep the distance, do it, we will never be able to come to us, do it, do the caution valley where the accident valley, do it, so take equal care, do it, it will last till September, do it, we will Good medicine will also be found, like other virus diseases like dengue, snail pox, chickenpox, influenza, there is no reason to panic, Karona will be cured with time, if we see Karona, we will find these big countries like America, In Italy, Spain, China, United Kingdom, Germany, France or in Karona Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Indore, Lucknow, Kampur, Noida, Ghaziabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Kolkata, Chennai Yadi The Corona in large cities

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