Pay obeisance to Goddess Banbhori Devi, hail Mother Banbhori Devi, make my mother cross over, Jai Durga Jai ​​Devi Maa Banbhori Teri Jai Ho, Mata Rani Banbhori Devi, Jai Maa Bhavani, Jai Maa Durga Teri Jai Ho, here, see mother, pay homage to mother, hail mother who gives fruit outside, do welfare of mother world,

Professor Dr. Ram is a very well-known doctor and professor in India. He studies MBBS and MD MS students in medical colleges and writes on a lot of blogs and journals. You will tell about diseases and the poison that Karona has spread now has made all people worry, worry and death, the whole world can be heard in the house It has become a pleasure, on this channel they will discuss Karona and other diseases, Karona virus has caused havoc in the whole world by moving from China to n city in 19, 22 countries have been infected by it all over the world, so far 4.5 million people have been affected by this and about 325,000 have died, the highest number of deaths in the US is up to 92000, while 1.5 million people have been affected, similarly in Italy, Spain, Britain, France, Germany lakh People have been infected and thousands have died, even in India, the states have been infected, 92000 people have been affected, 3000 have died, the entire lock-down has been done since March 23, school, college, market, rail, air travel, bus, tempo car all The people are closed, all the people are locked in the house, every person except the doctors, nurses, health workers, cleaning workers, police and vegetable food is going every time, when the person dies, because there is no medicine, its T Did not even come out, so every man looks like a mask, lives two yards away, repeatedly washing his hands with sanitizer or soap, to avoid this, this is a very dangerous disease. No one knows but we should not dare because In this, only 6% of the deaths would occur in the old and sick person, if we stay cautious while staying at home, then it will slowly end, what will happen in the time of third lock down of Karona, Karona Khat. Or more or as it goes on, Karona will have to be cut with karona, what will karona kill us, we have to die karona, what is afraid of karona, be careful, be careful, and do not disappear, from karona which dies Nobody goes to him fearing, think that this dead will have to be taxed, this will make them do business, people in Italy do not go to see Karona after death or before, Karona patient like this Doing this, in India, this is happening to the Karona patient, the fear of Karona is wrong, Karona body is washed with phenol, bleaching powder, Karona dead is put in the sun, Karona dies from that body, body Burial, burning does not spread, Karona should not do this with dead body, if any Karona patient dies then should be cremated, more than 10-12 should not go with Karona body, mask will save from doing, doingNot going to go, Karona third lock down or as much as you can, Karona will have to avoid masks, Karona will have to live vigorously, Karona’s enemies are Daru Beer, Karona in the Green Zone, Daru shop opens, Karona has too many shops at the shop, Karona from The poor do not earn in lock down, what is in Karona is spent in liquor, the Karona will spread in the crowd, the government will open a liquor shop in Karona, more will be infected than Karona, Karona more Will kill with alcohol, how is Karona virus, how does a man kill Karona, Karona patients are not admitted in the hospital, Karona does not treat the patient properly, Karona is not seeing the other patient without the doctor and hospital, Karona excuses the doctor Stayed, telling the bed full of Karona, scared of Karona, working without n95 mask and PPE without Karona, lack of n95 masks and PPE kit in Karona, paying attention to the government in Karona, Do not be cured, do not cure the patient or do without you. Simple ways to avoid sin like to put on masks, to do it, to wash my hands and feet with your feet, to do it will keep me two yards away, do it, we will never come to you, do it, wherever you can. Valley accident Valley, Karona so take equal care, Karona will also survive till September, Karona, we will also get good medicine like other virus diseases like Dengue, snail pox, Chikgen There is nothing to worry if you get pox, influenza, Karona will be cured with time, if we see Karona, we will find it in big rich countries like America, Italy, Spain, China, Brittain, Germany, France or here Karona Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Indore, Lucknow, Kampur, Noida, Ghaziabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. have been done in big cities because outside China from Italy to Italy, South Africa, Fr. People from France, South Arabia, Gulf, Britann, bring diseases, because people from China went there because it was only there in Vachina, but they did not tell the whole world about doing it or not, and WHO called it Pandemic If done, later on March 13, till the Karona spread all over the world, the people of our Jamaat hid and spread the Karona in all the territories.

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