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NEW DELHI: Defying lockdown logic, least Covid affected state of Uttarakhand reported highest number of domestic violence cases while worst affected Maharashtra was among the states which reported lowest incidents of domestic violence.
Uttarakhand with just 88 Covid positive cases topped the list accounting for 144 of 727 cases of domestic violence reported during the pandemic caused lockdown, as per the statistics compiled by National Legal Services Authority (NALSA). In contrast, Maharashtra with one 30k Covid positive cases, reported just 12 instances of domestic violence.
NALSA chairman Justice N V Ramana held extensive meetings with heads of State Legal Services Authorities and had asked them to provide urgent legal help for relief to harassed women, evicted tenants in violation of the government directive and ensuring release of inmates of crowded prisons to decongest and prevent spread of the virus.
Justice Ramana, the senior-most judge in Supreme Court, said, “Legal Services Authorities through the Para Legal Volunteers are also bridging the gap between the needy and the government authorities, NGOs. They are connecting the people in need of food, medicines, shelter, etc. and migrant workers stranded in other places with the relevant Government authorities. In this connection, more than 90 lakh people have been assisted with their needs thus, successfully redressing their woes caused by the pandemic.”
Compiling data provided by state legal services authorities, NALSA said, “a total of 727 domestic violence cases were reported to Legal Services Authorities in different states/UTs where legal aid and assistance was sought. The cases reported in various states were: Uttarakhand 144, Haryana 79, Delhi 63, Chandigarh 50, Tamil Nadu 48, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh – 47 each, West Bengal 46, Odisha 37, Chhattisgarh 31, Bihar 21, Kerala 18, Jammu and Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram – 17 each, Maharashtra 12, Himachal Pradesh 10, Madhya Pradesh 8, Tripura 7, Rajasthan 4, Manipur 3 and Andhra Pradesh 1.” Legal assistance was provided in over 90% cases (658), it said.
As a strange coincidence, it was Uttarakhand which reported highest number of cases relating to eviction of tenants by landlords despite a clear pan-India direction by the Union government that no tenant should be asked to vacate rented premises during the tough lockdown period.
NALSA said country-wide it provided legal assistance to 310 tenants illegally attempted to be evicted by landlords. Bulk of the cases, 201 to be precise, was in Uttarakhand, followed by West Bengal, Haryana, Karnataka which reported 35, 34 and 12 cases respectively.
The legal services authorities personnel also assisted workers who sought legal help against employers for denying wages during lockdown. Of the 2840 persons provided with legal aid, the highest was in Bihar (1,018) followed by Uttarakhand (226), followed by Haryana (221), Punjab (166), Himachal Pradesh (77) and Mizoram (38).
In addition a total of 16,391 convicts were released on parole. Madhya Pradesh released the maximum (3,577) followed by Punjab (3,479), Haryana (2,859), Uttar Pradesh (1,989), Kerala (1,128), Delhi (1,010), West Bengal (488) and Karnataka (405).

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