Professor Dr. Ram is a very well-known doctor and professor in India. He studies MBBS and MD MS students in medical colleges and writes on a lot of blogs and journals. You will tell about diseases and the poison that Karona has spread now has made all people worry, worry and death, the whole world can be heard in the house Has become Nd, on the channel that will discuss the Corona and other diseases, Corona virus out in 1 9 of the n city of China in the world, it has become infected devastation has created, there will 220 countries in the world,
Regarding the Karona virus, the President of the world’s largest powerful nation, Mr. Donald Trump ji, praised the doctors and scientists of India who are engaged in the discovery of this drug vaccine, and he acknowledged that on the whole international platform With the help of all the scientists, America will prepare a vaccine very soon and this vaccine will come in the market by December of 2020. In such a way, the respect of India’s doctors and scientists has increased in the world. He has said one more thing with this, for this, he has given full weight to the head of the old vaccine of Gilliard company. He also said that India is his Very good friend
He appreciated our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji that America will give a lot of ventilators to India and our Prime Minister also thanked him for this but it was not known when our Prime Minister asked for ventilator from America because our country I still have a good number of ventilators, not all ventilators have been used and flowed in India All the companies like Mahindra Suzuki etc. started making ventilators at the behest of our Prime Minister, I want to mention one more thing in this context that yesterday the Director General of the World Health Organization also told that about 9 companies have come very close to making vaccines. And maybe become a vaccine by the end of December. He told that Gilliard Sine Pfizer Glasgosmithkline Sirum Institute Ooot of India, Sanofi, etc. Many companies are also very involved in making vaccines, so we do not have to fear now, do it soon or we will get a big victory.
I want to tell that a lot of medicines are also being worked on. A drug STI 1 499 is being manufactured by a company from Patna in collaboration with the company of America. It was controlled by Kovid-19 on testing on animals and soon humans But this test will be done in the same way that HIV drug works well with lopinavir and ritonavir in China. We have hydroxy chlorine tablets containing allredi. Flavipravir and readymisvir pressure works like HIV patient in China, it has been found that these drugs are also preventing Kovid-19 and that is why the health minister of our country has also given license to many Indian companies to make generic versions of them. Gave it and now this medicine will be available in India and other poor countries at a lower price, that is to say overall that even if the Karona virus is in our country for many years But we will control it in the same way that we have done influenza like SARS virus or dengue or any other flu virus.
So until these medicines do not come well, we will have to live by washing hands with equal hands, if we touch the objects here by putting masks at a distance of 2 feet from each other, we will have to open our malls, our markets, office shops, school colleges. It has to be learned that how we have to live and if we accept all these rules, then this virus will not come to us because this virus has only one disease, it is more water D spreads are not so fierce as the virus is, there are more deaths in it.
So we do not panic because this virus also became positive to us and if we prevented the infection properly, we quarantined it, then this virus will end, in most people it does not do serious diseases and even then the recovery is very good so Now we have to learn to live with do / don’t
What is the relationship between karona and sex, whether or not to have sex in karona, what karona is more spread than sex? Sex mandia or red light area should be opened in karona or not, what will sex workers eat, whether or not sex workers get a taste, open the wine in karona, what to open sex, what to do when people are not having sex by staying together at home, Abortion increased more in Karona, people had more sex at the time of Karona, what would you mind if you open a sex mandia in your house, sex then message center and beauty parlor in the bar Were everywhere, will we stop all this, for fear of doing, see this in our second video and read /
We have also told in another video that Arogya Setu app will stop Karona, how dangerous it is to load, whether to load it in mobile or not, what is the harm in loading it, will it harm us, we have to load it Whether or not they are private people in making it, can they be trusted, will they not steal Harra data, this app is not legally recognized, after how many days Will stop, Singapore and South Korea got good fruit, Sarkar made this app there

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