Home Decor Trends: In times like these, make your home your sanctuary

In the best of times, life can be a challenge. These days, that challenge feels somewhat larger but so does the value of what we build for ourselves. Our homes in that sense become our sanctuary – usually, a place to rest our weary bones and reconnect with family and friends, but these days, so much more. It feels especially important now, to make our homes a warm place, inviting and reflective of who we each are.

Cosy as a way of life

Different things bring different people to comfort. In my case comfort goes back to moments with family bonding and dinner table conversations listening to detailed (and sometimes heated) discussions about art, design and hospitality. It reminds me that art brings joy, that the warmth of a home – that place where we come back to after work, or in the present context, choose to isolate from the uncertainties of the world are built of little pieces that reflect the art of our life. Make a conscious decision as you furnish your home to build a cocoon to reflect your beliefs, values, aesthetics, and oddities. Choose pieces that signify warmth and playfulness to you – not somebody else’s ideal aesthetic.

Reflect your personality in your home

Earlier this year, we introduced a collection of home decor pieces at Clove with the intent for every person to be able to find accent pieces and collectables that called out to them. This curation brings together pieces that are whimsical and yet purposeful, blending fashion and living. Especially now, I hope everybody has a favourite chair to snuggle into or a warm dhurrie to rest their feet in. But otherwise, that might be your first purchase for when the stores are open again.

The little things matter – rugs, cushions, lamps

The decision to introduce home with interesting accent pieces of furniture alongside a larger selection of furnishings that include cushions, throws, rugs and serve ware to complete the concept was only natural. Clove was always conceptualized as a lifestyle boutique and we wanted everything that would be perfect for a home to find its place within the confines of the store. The only thing that was missing was a curated selection for one’s home that told a universal story across categories ranging from furniture, furnishings to serve ware and home decor. The little details are always what brings the most warmth into a home – rugs, lamps, curtains, and pieces of art – sometimes even just a toddler’s scribble framed. These are the pieces that transform a furnished house into a home.

Colours and textures are your friends – mix it up

Dream living is always one that is not rushed but finds beauty in everyday smaller nuances. Keeping the love for easy living alive choose accent pieces of furniture that slip into corners of homes with ease. Pieces with woven wicker and dark teakwood complement a palate of glazed green, delicious mango, lush lime and indigo infusion as an ode to the freshness of spring. On the other hand, the clean Scandinavian design speaks another story- the question is, what’s yours and how would your home reflect that.

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Choose Indian designers and artisans

The beauty of living in India is having access to craftspeople who spent generations perfecting their craft while having designers who have travelled the world. The partnership of the two present a design language that is representative of who we are – the modern India that we live in, but also one rooted in cultural nuance.

(Samyukta Nair is a food and fashion entrepreneur. She is based out of Mumbai and London.)

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