Firefighters Hand off Stranded Cub to Mama Bear During California Water Rescue

First responders coaxed a stranded bear cub into a lake so its mom could ferry the baby to safety during a water rescue in South Lake Tahoe, California, on May 3, officials said. South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue said the “determined” mother bear, known locally as Black Betty, took her three cubs out for a swim. But there was a complication when one cub “was unable to make it into the water.” This video shows the cub clinging to a railing as South Lake Tahoe first responders prod the cub into the water as its mother looks on from the water below. Once the cub drops into the lake, it climbs onto its mom’s back as she carries it to dry land. Officials said the mother bear swam back and forth, “nearly to exhaustion,” while bringing each of her cubs ashore. “The mother bear was determined to save all three of her cubs herself and ensure that they see tomorrow by continually swimming each one to safety!” the South Lake Tahoe Fire Fighters Association said on Facebook. Credit: South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue via Storyful

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