Rajat Sharma all praise for Modi’s 20 lakh crore ‘philosophy’, Navika Kumar hails ‘game changer’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation Tuesday | PTI

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New Delhi: Prime time debates Tuesday were dominated by discussions and analysis of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s latest address to the nation Tuesday 8 pm and the Rs 20 lakh crore package he announced. 

TV anchors observed two broad trends from the address, one of self-reliance and the other was the call to be ‘vocal about local’.

Zee News’ Sudhir Chaudhary pointed out three factors that stood out to him, “PM Modi ne teen baaton ka dhyan diya, pehla ki desh ko atm nirbhar bana hee padega. Doosra, local shabd par zor dena padega. Teesra, ab aap ka jeevan corona ke aas paas nahi ghoomega.” (PM Modi highlighted three main things in his address, first that the nation has to become self-reliant. Second, there has to be an emphasis on local products. Third, coronavirus will no longer dictate our lives, we will learn to live with it).

On India TV, Rajat Sharma was also full of praise for PM Modi. He explained, “Modi ne lockdown mein aage ka raasta bataya hai.” (PM Modi has given us the way forward and out of this lockdown).

For some, the Rs 20 lakh crore might just be a package but for Sharma it stood for something else, “Modi ne 20 lakh crore ke package ka elaan kiya hai. Yeh sirf package nahi hai, yeh ek philosophy hai, ek raasta hai, ek thinking hai,” (Modi has announced a package of 20 lakh crore rupees. This isn’t just a package, this is a philosophy, a way forward and a way of thinking).


Aaj Tak anchor Anjana Om Kashyap was preoccupied with the controversy over trains taking migrant workers home. Kashyap declared, “Rail sewaon shuru karne ko lekar khush nahi hai Bihar ke CM, unko lag raha hai ki isse infection pahuchega Bihar mein,” (Bihar CM hasn’t been too happy about the reopening of railway services because he fears coronavirus transmission).

In response to Kashyap’s remark, Rajeev Ranjan, spokesperson of JD(U), said, “This isn’t entirely the case. On the contrary, Nitish Kumar in his interaction with the PM insisted that the capacity of these trains be increased.” Good save there.

Republic’s one and only anchor Arnab Goswami was feeling rather ‘proud’, “We should all feel proud to be Indians tonight. Proud because as a self reliant nation we all should be marching ahead with a strategic plan…A sense of belief that we will rebuild India.”

His praise was then peppered with statistics — “A Rs 20 lakh crore plan, 75 per cent of the budget, 10 per cent of the GDP as we march ahead with self-reliance. Forget those cynics, we are going to win this together.”

On NDTV 24×7 anchor Nidhi Razdan found Sushmita Dev, Congress spokesperson less ecstatic about the  Rs 20 crores speech.

Dev explained, “Most of it was spiritual, but the fag end of the speech he spoke about what really matters…”

She continued, “The Rs 20 lakh crore that PM refers to has already been done. So the package that was given when the lockdown was first announced to women, widows and the elderly, that is all going to be a part of this package so we have to do the math ourselves.”

Times Now’s Navika Kumar was singing the tune of ‘self-reliance’. She wondered whether ‘atma nirbhar’ (self-reliant) was a ‘game changer’. She asked an rather sombre looking  AAP MLA Atishi, “Would you like to congratulate the PM on his package of this nature?”

Atishi didn’t seem very inclined — “We definitely welcome the size of this package. But it is too early to comment on the nature of the package…. I believe that the devil lies in details.” You definitely have that correct, Ms Atishi.

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