Save your life in 2020, so you can work in 2021: Arjun Bijlani

Like most of us, actor Arjun Bijlani too is wondering when and how will the lockdown ease and the threat of Covid-19 pass. He says,”While the lockdown is keeping us at home, the main issue for us all is Covid-19. I am sure people, including me, are thinking, when will it disappear and when will we get a vaccine? And till we get answers, we can’t lift the lockdown. It is a catch-22 situation and a lot of uncertainty.”

He is not only thinking about the post Covid scenario but also eager to get back to work. Talking about resuming shooting, Arjun puts forward his thoughts. He says,”I feel post lockdown the entertainment industry will start working in small units. Fiction shows will start first because they have smaller units as compared to reality shows. Once the government and the industry bodies decide on the guidelines, can the shooting start. The content will be different because the unit will be smaller and many things will be done digitally. Everything will have to be monitored. Another issue might be how many actors will be willing to work on a set.”


Bijlani states that being a workaholic, he has never taken a break for more than five days in his career, and due to the lockdown he has been at home for over 45 days. He has been sensing a restlessness among his peers and friends as they all want to go back to work, but can’t. He says, “We are all in this crisis, so please save your life in 2020 and we will all be able to work in 2021. Don’t be restless. Be sensible. You have to keep holding yourself because jaan hai toh jahan hai. I have taken to this new normal in a positive way and hoping that it will get over soon. From a superstar to the smallest actor in the industry, everyone is willing to work. Everyone has to handle things. Technicians, writers, editors, directors are all sitting at home. Once the lockdown is lifted, bigger producers will be ready to start something new, but smaller makers will face many challenges. The government, too, has to plan so many things which is not easy as they have to strike the balance and work on restarting the economy without risking the lives of people. Yet, I see a lot of optimism and hope in people.”

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