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Satya Nadella-led Microsoft has launched a new Family Safety app that is designed for parents to manage the screen time for their kids. The app was first announced in March and is now available as part of a limited preview on iOS and Android.

Using this app, parents can not only see the amount of time their kids spend on their devices but also monitor the type of content they are viewing. The app even provides transparency on where everyone is spending time online and offers flexible schedules that allows users to dedicate more time to certain things like online learning.

It also offers location sharing, and in the future is set to get additional physical safety features such as safe driving.

Through the app, kids will also be able to see the same activity reports their parents see, so everyone can be part of the conversation, says Microsoft. The app will also allow users to manage their data and information and who it is shared with.

Readers must note that the setting of screen time limit will be applicable across Windows and Xbox devices or specific apps or games instead.

“We have limited availability for additional users on Android and iOS and invite you to sign up. As a participant in the preview, you gain early access to the app and get to help shape the product by sharing feedback about your experience,” said the company in a blogpost.

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