Instagram rolls out ‘Support Small Business’ sticker in India: Here’s what it does – Times of India

Photo-sharing app Instagram has announced a new ‘Support Small Business’ sticker in order to promote and safeguard the interests of small-scale business owners across the world — and is available in India also.

Using this sticker automatically clubs together all the Stories that make use of it. All these stories appear in a shared Instagram story, so more people can discover more small businesses. This will appear under the ‘Support Small’ story icon that appears on the top of your Instagram feed — right before all the other stories.

Back in March, the app launched a ‘Stay Home’ sticker in which it also adopted the same approach. When the sticker is added to a Story, it can be featured in the “Stay Home” story. Once you tap the “Stay Home” story, you can see all the featured stories together.

Last month, Instagram announced that it is working to help small businesses during the crisis time by making it easier to discover gift cards, online food orders, and fundraisers. As part of this, businesses can share gift cards, food orders and fundraiser stickers in their profiles or via stories and users can now tap on them to purchase via partner’s official website.

For now, the gift cards and food order services are available only in the US and Canada, but Instagram has confirmed on its official blog post that the feature will be rolled out globally in coming weeks. Also, the fundraiser option similar to what we have seen on Facebook will be added later.

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