Ditching the virtual life for a while

Barricaded by lockdown, we have all become social media denizens. And we’ve indulged in online challenges so much that the things happening around us don’t matter anymore. From the Plank Challenge to JLoSuperBowl Challenge and the Pillow Challenge, myriad challenges prop up on the digital stratosphere on a daily basis, making us prone to them. While psychologists say it’s a good way to pass time during the lockdown, a visible overdose has been affecting people’s mental health. Inability to complete the challenges has led to many falling prey to depression and developing a FOMO (fear of missing out).

Experts say maintaining a balance is a must. “Excess of anything is hazardous. This way one is so engrossed in the virtual life that they neglect their real life. One must make sure not to use social media platforms for more than 30 minutes a day,” says psychologist Harsheen Arora. She also advises that we should focus on living our lives rather than depending on the number of likes we get. “It is time you reflect within, and ask yourself what the problem is, and then work on fixing it,” adds Arora.

Seconding this, psychologist Pulkit Sharma says that the sense of shame and fear that arises on not being able to complete a challenge has to diminish. He suggests, “You want to do these challenges because they instil a sense of achievement and add to the feel-good factor. Instead of blindly following them, think of other things that make you feel nice, in terms of lifestyle, thinking and other aspects.”

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